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Live progress #26 – Font Generator tool

Font generator tool has been upgraded to work with font presets and effects.

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Live progress #25 – Grain growth

Okay, this took longer than I expected. It’s almost 3 weeks since last LP report. I was busy with many different things and not all of them are done yet. But, here’s something self-contained:

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Signs of life

I’ve been busy with many things in NG, ones that are not easy to describe without writing a big post, which I’m lazy to do, because that distracts from coding xD So anyways, follows just a sidenote pic: I’m not … Continue reading

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Live progress #24 – Terrain got some Fog Of War

Since we are now in fair 3D, it’s time to use some clever tricks. One of such is terrain Fog Of War (FOW).

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Live progress #23 – GUI changes

I’m a bit lazy to write news, but the coding and drawing goes on. Want to see some GUI improvements – proceed inside:

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